Should We Use An Infrared Massage Pillow Regularly By Consumer Reports

Should we use an infrared massage pillow regularly

In the busy life, each of us often has headaches, neck and shoulder pains. Infrared massage pillows are produced to help you relieve pain, relax and have a deep sleep. However, people do not know whether they should use an infrared massage pillow regularly or not. The following article will give you more useful information about this type of pillow.

1. What is an infrared massage pillow?

An infrared massage pillow is a smart pillow. It is designed like a regular pillow but it runs on electricity. The insides of the pillow usually has 4, 6 or 8 massage rollers made from hard plastic. The body of the pillow is made from PU leather combined with elastic mesh or velvet material that is able to disassemble and wash easily.

The infrared pillow has two ways of massage: normal massage (traditional natural massage) and infrared massage (infrared radiation). For normal massage, when plugging in, the rollers rotate 360 degrees around its axis. It will massage and press your body parts like a hand that helps reducing fatigue, aching bones and joints, stimulating blood circulation.

The rollers will massage and press like a hand

Infrared massage is a modern feature of massage pillows. It applies a modern massage method of physiotherapy with infrared radiation. The infrared rays system heats the skin on the spot to help cure muscles, bones, joints and reduces bruises more effectively.

2. Should we use an infrared massage pillow regularly?

2.1. When to use massage pillows

The infrared massage pillow helps you to regain energy after a hard-working day. The pillows can be used for many parts of your body such as the neck, back, abdomen, limbs and so on to reduce fatigue.

The infrared massage pillows can be used for many parts of your body

Nevertheless, people still wonder when they should use an infrared massage pillow to get the best results. The following information will show you some situations that you should use the infrared massage pillow.

  • When sitting for a long time, your shoulder, neck, and back get tired.
  • The elderly have shoulder and neck pains.
  • Your legs, hands, or body parts have bruises because of falls or bumps.

2.2 Should we use massage pillows regularly?

Massage pillows are safe and effective health care equipment that can be used regularly every day. Nevertheless, you need to use it correctly to promote efficiency and safety.

  • You should not use it for too long, just using a maximum of 20-30 minutes per time.
  • For the first time, you may feel strange with the turning rollers and tickling in the skin. So you can use it in a few minutes every time and increase a little bit day by day.
  • Before and after using the pillows, you should drink 500 ccs of warm water to increase metabolism and blood circulation.

Although the benefits of massage pillow have been widely recognized, you need to use it correctly to get the best effects and avoid unwanted situations.

3. Some special notes when using infrared massage pillows

When using infrared massage pillows you need to pay attention to the following notes:

  • Do not use massage pillows in areas with scratches, open wounds, people who have allergies, skin issues and contraindicated cases prescribed by a doctor.
  • With a massage pillow that automatically works when pressing down  its face, you need to pay attention to avoid creating force on the pillow face.
  • Use a maximum of 30 minutes of massage per time, and from 2-5 times per day.
  • Remember to turn off the pillow after use.
  • Read the user manual carefully before buying and using it.
  • Utmost care with pillows that use power sources, to avoid a fire occurring.

In Conclusion

The infrared massage pillows only bring to you the desired effect when you choose, use and maintain them properly. I hope this information will help you understand the benefits of infrared massage pillows and how to use the massage pillows correctly.

Thank you for reading!